Watch WWE Monday Night Raw (8/26/13) Live Stream – WWE Raw August 26, 2013

There is a Massive Double Main Event in store for Phoenix! CM Punk battles Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match! RVD teams with the World’s Largest Athlete the Big Show and the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry in a Six Man Tag Team Match against The Shield!

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This week’s “WWE Monday Night Raw” preview continues the story as Daniel Bryan chases after current WWE champion Randy Orton with the McMahon family standing in his way. According to on Aug. 25, it will also feature a match between CM Punk and Curtis Axel. Here is a look at the “WWE Monday Night Raw” preview for this week.

Last week on “Raw,” Triple H explained that he had to protect the WWE’s future by taking the title away from Daniel Bryan, who he said is not up to the level to be the face of the WWE. The McMahons and Randy Orton then stood by while The Shield beat down Daniel Bryan and then Orton finished it off with an RKO.

CM Punk continues his vendetta against Paul Heyman. Despite losing to Brock Lesnar at “WWE SummerSlam,” Punk continued to fire barbs at Heyman last week and was beat down by Curtis Axel as a result. After Punk got the upper hand at the end, a match between the two was scheduled for this week’s “Raw.”

A huge tag team feud is heating up between The Shield and the brand new monstrous tag team of Mark Henry and Big Show. What will go down between the dominating Shield and the huge challengers this week?

There is a new world title contender as Rob Van Dam is challenging Alberto Del Rio for the title at “Night of Champions.” With Del Rio’s former second, Ricardo Rodriguez, now in Van Dam’s corner, will RVD have what it takes to win the belt?

WWE Monday Night Raw preview for Monday 8/26/13 featuring CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and more build to Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton at Night of Champions. CM Punk faces Curtis Axel on Raw this week as he continues his crusade against Paul Heyman and any of Heyman’s guys.

Is Daniel Bryan the ultimate underdog or what? And could this be the Summer of Randy Orton that continues through the fall? We’ll find out at Night of Champions. Where has Kane disappeared to since Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family beat him down at SummerSlam? RVD has a new supporter in Ricardo Rodriguez. Will Ricardo spill all of Alberto Del Rio’s secrets to Del Rio’s possible Night of Champions opponent?

The Shield have been targeting Mark Henry and the Big Show. How will they react to Show and Henry targeting them? All this and more on Raw … Monday night! Plus WWE Champion Randy Orton, HHH and the Phoenix debut of the Wyatt Family, LIVE!. “WWE Monday Night Raw” airs at 8 p.m. EST on USA Network.




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