Watch Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Video Sex scandal

Showbiz industry and nitizens shocked when the scandalous sex video of Chito and Neri leaked in social media sites specially in Youtube, the said video contains a private intimate moments of both parties. The pinoy rock icon admitted that they are the one on that video, and posted some of his thoughts on some of leading social sites.

The scandalous video spread in the internet after the robbing incident in the house of the band vocalist of Paroyka ni Edgar Chito Miranda, the video was stolen from his house and uploaded on YouTube last Saturday August 3, 2013.



Parokya ni Edgar vocalist already admitted that he is really the guy in the sex video scandal. According to him, The scandalous video has been leaked online after the allegedly robbing incident in the singer’s house. In the middle of controversy the couple relationship remains stable, until now Chito Miranda and Neri Naig still shocked about the leaked of their scandalous video. Recently, Chito posted on his Instagram account and he apologized to his parents and to Neri’s family. And he also thanked to all the prayers and the sympathy of their loyal fans.

The said home-made video shows Parokya ni Edgar vocalist and former ABS-CBN talent Neri Naig having an intimate moment not for public consumption. It was uploaded on YouTube early Saturday but immediately deleted after few hours, unfortunately, screengrabs of the video were already reposted on different social networking sites and blogs.

Based on the latest report, their sex video was stolen from their room along with other several stuffs. The two of them are still shocked because of the incident. Chito apologized to Neri and their parents, he also thanked his sympathizers for their prayers. If Chito admitted the sex video, Neri Naig is still keeping her silence regarding the issue. As of today, the video is still circulating on the web despite the request of both parties to end the circulation.

Despite of both parties to stop spreading their intimate moment, the screen shots of the video still trending on the net and still sharing in social media. The scandalous video was uploaded on YouTube but immediately removed after it goes viral and reaped varied reactions from nitizens in social media, but many people admitting that they have already downloaded a copy of Chito Miranda and Neri Naig video



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